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In the process of Ukraine’s European integration, the establishment of Tisza EGTC with the support of the Hungarian Government, was an important event in October 2015.

We are proud of creating the first exemplary EGTC (European grouping for territorial cooperation) which was established by the cross border regions of an EU Member State (Hungary) and a non-EU country (Ukraine). Our initiative is also closely monitored by the competent authorities of the EU. As a member of the Committee of the Regions, I represent the issue of cross-border relations in Brussels, and on 20 April 2016 we received a request for introduction our organization on the EGTC Platform organized by the Committee of the Regions.

Based on the particular geographic location of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, bordering with three countries, the region takes part in several joint CBC projects with the neighboring countries. I do hope that the Tisza EGTC will give us a new dimension with the acquired experience and knowledge, and the founders – the Transcarpathian County Council of Ukraine and the Self-government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County and the Self-government of Kisvárda – a new way opens to work together with the ideas that have long been waiting for people living in the region.

While preserving our traditions and identity, we think and work together to achieve our common goals. Our most important tasks to be solved are border crossings, infrastructure development, business support, economic recovery and job creation, as well as supporting the functioning of the institutional and civil society.

The region has an excellent natural environment and geographic feature, which provides possibilities for co-operation in the field of agricultural product processing and renewable energy production. Our most important goal is to use EGTC resources efficiently through our planned interregional and cross-border projects based on our recent strategy. At the same time, we created the database of the most important social, ecological and infrastructure projects which implementation will generate further improvements in the future and determine the living conditions of the inhabitants in the region.

Oszkár Seszták

President of Tisza EGTC

President of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Council

Dear Visitors!

The Tisza European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation Limited Liability (Tisza EGTC) was established in October 2015. Its founders are the Municipality of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, the Local Government of Kisvárda (Hungary) and the Transcarpathian County Council (Ukraine).

It is a unique initial for Ukraine and the EU as it is the first time that the border region of Ukraine becomes part of a European structure thanks to Hungary’s support, opening up new opportunities for cross-border cooperation at the external border of EU. It gives us the opportunity to work in a new organizational form with Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County within the framework of the EU-supported concrete economic, investment, environmental, infrastructural and cultural education projects.

With the support of the EU, the transformation of the economy will help create a development area in a region of Ukraine, in the EU neighboring area, as a sample project whose impact is expected to multiply and lead to positive changes at all levels and sectors of the Ukrainian society.

Tisza EGTC is a new and innovative organization which is especially important for the European integration processes of Ukraine. The Transcarpathian region, which borders on four European Union Member States, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland, so it is able to put new cooperation between Ukraine and the EU on a new basis through the financing of cross-border projects. We have created the base of it and the preparations of the projects in progress with the Hungarian partners. We are confident that the Tisza EGTC will become a real impulsion of Ukrainian-Hungarian cooperation with its effective efforts and with the support of the European Union.

Mikhailo Rivis

Vice president of Tisza European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation Limited Liability,

President Transcarpathian County Council

Dear Visitors!

In 2006, the European Union has made it possible to set up a European Territorial Association with the effectiveness of the use of EU funds to reach the success of existing or future cooperation. In Hungary, from August 1, 2007, non-profit groups can be formed to ensure the success of effective cooperation between local governments, local and regional participants in two or more Member States. To my pleasure, in 2015 it was successful.

The territorial association was established to build cross-border relationships and to develop cohesion based on effective cooperation. The main purpose of the European Territorial Association is to strengthen cooperation between the economic and social participants in the Member States of the Union.

As the Mayor of Kisvárda, I believe that the Tisza EGTC is an opportunity to bring people together, give an opportunity for economically backward and isolated border regions to catch up, and to create effective cooperative opportunities for the community’s regional organizations. It allows to connect the edges of Europe to create transport corridors, environmental parks along the same lines. We feel we have the task of opening up the space to create common services through infrastructural improvements and strategies. I am confident that our joint cooperation and work will result in a number of success and achievements that will bring closer a more secure future and an evolving vision.

Tibor Leleszi

Mayor of Kisvárda